29th International Istanbul Film Festival

I'm seeing a lot of films these days, thanks to the Istanbul Film Festival. I'll just list here the films I like. Will update this post as I see more. In an arbitrary order of preference:

Around a Small Mountain - Jacques Rivette

Great Films:
Five Fingers - Joseph Mankiewicz
Homage by Assassination - Elia Suleiman
Nymph - Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

Good Films:
Chronicle of a Disappearance - Elia Suleiman
Divine Intervention - Elia Suleiman
The Time That Remains - Elia Suleiman
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Werner Herzog
Mother - Bong Joon-ho
White Material - Claire Denis
Istanbul shorts - Maurice Pialat

I'm not sure what I feel about:
Face - Tsai Ming-Liang
Karaoke - Chris Chong Chan Fui


edo said…
Yoel, I hope you like WHITE MATERIAL. I think the film, as well as its filmmaker, is truly extraordinary.
Yoel Meranda said…
i'm looking forward to it. i like '35 rhums' and would really like to see more from her...

do you know ratanaruang?

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