King Vidor's "Truth and Illusion: An Introduction to Metaphysics" (1964)

"The nature gets credit which should in truth be reserved for ourselves: the rose for its scent: the nightingale for his song: and the sun for his radiance. The poets are entirely mistaken. They should address their lyrics to themselves, and should turn them into odes of self-congratulation on the excellency of the human mind. Nature is a dull affair, soundless, scentless, colourless; merely the hurrying of material, endlessly, meaningless."
- Whitehead, Science and the Modern World (quoted in the film)

"Did matter precede thought?", Vidor asks...

Vidor titled his autobiography: "A Tree is a Tree"


edo said…
Holy shit! Where did you get your hands on a copy of "Truth and Illusion"? I've wanted to see it for an age.
Yoel Meranda said…
Tag Gallagher sent me a DVD. I can send you a copy if you like? Email me your address.

By the way, I like "Metaphor" more than this one. It is, on the surface, on a much more superficial subject but I found it far superior in terms of cinema.

They're both on the same dvd.
Thelonius H. said…
First, i apologize for my poor english, i'm a "french belgian" :)

Do you still have a copy of this film ? i'm very, very interested in it. Do you still share it ? :)

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