None They Say Have I

The best way to see the video is to make it fullscreen.

This is my first video shot on my Nokia E65 and my first video edited on QuickTime. (Fine-tuned on Final Cut Pro.)

The sound is a very random re-editing (on QuickTime) of pieces from "Coming Through The Rye" sung by Jo Stafford. The title, "None They Say Have I", was also taken from the same song. The lyrics go: "Every lassie has her laddie, none they say have I / Yet all the lads they smile at me / When comin' through the rye"

There is a scene in John Ford's "Mogambo", which I saw very recently, where Ava Gardner sings the song. I'm rediscovering Ford these days so the video is undoubtedly influenced by his way of seeing the world.

The fly is from a video on the BBC News website.

And there are some parts I shot off my computer screen when the DVD of Vincente Minelli's "Some Came Running" was running.


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