Lee Marvin on John Ford

I heard that Pedro Costa screened the following at the Anthology Film Archives last week. Here is more information about the event.

It's Lee Marvin talking about two transcendent John Ford films he acted in: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Donovan's Reef.


Jesús Cortés said…
Nothing related to this, but I liked very much "Bal", one of the films of the year. Congratulations for your past article on this beautiful, mysterious feature, valid before and after seeing it, which is a rare quality
Yoel Meranda said…
thank you jesús, very much appreciated! i'm glad you like the film...

have you seen his other films?
Jesús Cortés said…
Yes, I have seen all of them, except his debut, which I haven´t found anywhere. My favorite ones are "Melegin dususu", "Yumurta" and "Sut".
"Bal" is excelent too, but it´s probably a closed path in his career.
Now he must look for higher or different targets.
Seeing the day before yesterday James Clavell´s "The last valley", I don't know why, but I thought of Kaplanoglu and a film situated in the sixteenth or seventeenth century.
Anonymous said…
It may seem odd, but watching Marvin on that clip I began to regret Costa never had the chance to direct him. Of course, Ventura in "Juventude em Marcha" had that kind of dignity and naturalness.
Miguel Marías

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