Johnnie To's "Vengeance" (2009)

Vengeance was my first Johnnie To in 35mm.

If you take things for granted, it is a mechanical film that drives its plot to more and more action scenes. But if you look carefully, there's something about the obsessive way everybody in the film is obsessed. "What do your primary instincts mean when you've lost all your memory?" is a question To asks, but doesn't delve on much. Vengeance doesn't delve on anything much except the consistently imaginative frames, compositions and the puzzling lighting.

There are many hints of a great vision, but I have to say the film isn't consistent in this. Which is why it's not ranked so highly in my best of 2009 list.


edo said…
I really want to see it. Have you seen EXILED or SPARROW? Those are great films.
Yoel Meranda said…
no, unfortunately. exiled has been on my desk for a long time but i never saw it.
Anonymous said…
I’d call to mind the beget of to ascertain that too!

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