New Videos

I finished ten videos yesterday (many of which I've been working on for the last three months) and uploaded on Vimeo. You can take a look at them below but try to see them fullscreen (you can make them fullscreen bu clicking the small button on the lower right). They are in chronological order.

All of this was shot with my Nokia E65. In the first two, (ÎLE DE RÉ & APRIL FLOWER), there was some form of superimposition done on Final Cut. In all the other ones, I exported my footage on Quick Time, limiting the data rate to 32 kbits/sec, which is where the extreme pixellation comes from. I did very little or no editing on these, since what interests me is their randomness... The titles are: horn, mears, forever and a day, residue, theatre, notation, slightly, whirling. All of the videos, except horn, are silent.

I've been updating my My Videos page, you can find all the news about my videos over there.


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