Favorite videos on Vimeo

If you look around closely, Vimeo also offers some true art, works that are worth seeing, works that might change how you look around, and how you interpret images. I created a channel for such videos, called, appropriately, Yoel Meranda's favorite Vimeo videos. I'll add new entries to this as I encounter such videos...

I'll have to wait a bit more to make specific claims on individual videomakers, but I'll really enjoy going back again and again to these works.

I stongly suggest everyone to see Clint Enns' windshield baby gameboy movie, or Ted Sonnenschein's von Friedrichstrasse nach Ostkreuz, or Jared Brandle's Yawn, or Adam
Rokshar's CONNECTED, for example...

The image above is from Vimeo Bug by Le PôLe.

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