Robert Creeley's "Nothing New"

Below is a paragraph from Robert Creeley's Nothing New.
Creeley quotes Olson translating Rimbaud: "Can you afford not to make the magical study which happiness is?"

You can read the full essay here.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory?" Enough to stay open, certainly, but it had little to do with qualified "great moments". Somehow our elegantly secure cat Aphrodite having her kittens just as the first human stepped out on the first moon ever to be walked on is something I'll remember most specifically of that event, like they say. Is it that the so-called "personal" keeps drifting back into "self," wants the home of its own habits, recognizes even in vastness its own familiar hat and coat? I don't really know, and I is fading, intermittent signal, batteries running down. "Oh build your ship of death, for you will need it..." D.H. Lawrence got to me, he made sense, he made clear that feeling, touching, holding, seeing, being with other people in every sense, was the fact of life, what it was, literally. You could think anything you wanted to or could. Still you wouldn't, and couldn't, go far.

There's whole lot more to read from Robert Creeley here.


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