from Jerry Lewis' "The Nutty Professor" (1963)

Dr. Hamius R. Warfield: Mr. Love?
Buddy Love: Buddy, to you... What's your moniker, kid? What do they call you? Mortimer? Harvey? Norman? Homer? Which is it?
Dr. Hamius R. Warfield: You may call me Dr. Warfield, young man.
Buddy Love: OK, doc it is. What kind of doctor are you, by the way, sweetie? Sawbones, is that the idea? Or a head shrinker? I went to them once. You dig? Head Shrinker. He told me I had a dual personality, you know, split, schizo and all that jazz. Then he lays an 82 dollar tab on me. So I gave him 41 bucks and I said get the other 41 from the other guy. Haha!


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